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  • “The Postsaver Pro-Sleeve Wrap & Tack which I have used for the last 10 years is great for all sizes of posts. It’s a very good product I don’t fit a post without Postsaver Pro-Sleeves.”

    Adrian Sansom, Sansom Fencing
  • “We recommend using Postsaver Pro-Sleeves to all of our customers who purchase timber posts from us or who would like us to install timber Posts for them. They are very easy to fit and the small cost per sleeve versus the extended life span of the fence makes it a no-brainer.”

    Kevin Clarke, Clarke Fencing
  • “We have been using Postsaver Pro-Sleeves for numerous years and I have to say, as a company, we will not install any size wooden post without using Postsaver Pro-Sleeves.
    I can honestly say over the last 15 years we have never been back to any of our installations by where the post has rotted. We get nothing but positive feedback when using the system, we will never install a post without Postsaver Pro-Sleeves.”

    Brian Henderson, Henderson Fencing
  • “All of the fences we install are fitted with Postsaver Pro-Sleeves as standard. These sleeves feature dual-layer barrier protection that creates a long-lasting high-performance, air, and water-tight seal, locking out moisture, fungi, and oxygen.”

    Danny Knight, Knight Fencing
  • “We have already had fences with Postsaver Pro-Sleeves exceed the life of those without in the last 5 years. Brilliant product and worth considering on your next project”

    Tommi Tressider, Tressider Fencing

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